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Drophead Coupe

Have acquired the 1939 Raymond Mays V8 Drophead foursome Coupe by Carlton and its on route now to the U.K. after several years of trying.

Chassis RM 5 was Lancelot Prideaux- Brune's own car and he was the major shareholder and M.D of Shelsley Motors Ltd. who by this time has sold his shareholding in Aston Martin. He drove the car up until 1951 then advertised it for sale.

He drove the car in the 1939 RAC rally and then the Welsh rally managing to win the Premier coachwork award but as WW2 was on the horizon the company was closed.

There were also the three tourers entered for the RAC rally but only one RM1 is known to be left.

The saloon car was sold to a buyer in NZ but the ship was torpedoed leaving just the two cars left today.

Would welcome any more photos or details

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