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Which is why Tommi Makkinen has all those Group A championships, right? Lancia never had a huge budget, and they stopped meaningful development years before they quit.

Ford and Skoda will make just very short production runs with all-wheel drive, VW has embraced then abandoned it as they feel the market dictates, and Volvo has offered it for years. But aside from Ford and VW, you're looking at a tiny fraction of the automotive market.

And what did the Stratos have most to fear? The nearly stock Escort, of all things!

The rally specials didn't really start until Audi started exploiting the Group B rules, which brought out the prototypes from Lancia, MG, Ford and Peugeot in quick succession.

Your logic is cyclical: You claim that because prototypes currently dominate rallying, that any future rally car must be a prototype!

I maintain that these prototypes serve no purpose, and that extremely high homologation numbers would destroy both the prototypes and the specials, leaving rallying to regular production vehicles such as those seen on rallies like Targa Tasmania.
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