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Originally posted by fausto
I cannot say this is the last livery seen, I'm sure about the fact that Capoferri cars sported Marilena and Pioneer sponsorship (very late 70s), probably Marilena money came with Renzo Zorzi (together with Pirelli tyres, Zorzi being a test driver for the Milanese company), who co-drove with Capoferri.

However I don't remember the "latest" T286 body kit, I'll go through the magazine to let you know, bye!
Hi Fausto

Is Marilena an Italian company? When I saw the Pioneer stickers I wondered if the car had at some time been owned by the collector Jacques Setton, who was the French Pioneer importer, IIRC, which is how he made all his money...

Anyhow, your explanation seems logical, would be nice to see some photos of the car in this livery...any pics/more info you find would be great!

Incidentally, does anybody know where/who Skidmore bought his car from? If anyone is going to a race meet where the car is present, perhaps they could ask him...
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