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Originally posted by Alain HACHE
The T286 / 7 was Skidmore car and the Y Mahé car was the ex
Schultess T284 LM 1974 and 1975 .This car was by Heini Mader (ex Bonnier team in Gland Switzerland ) in 1974 builded . Y Mahé tolled to me that T284 is not Lola chassis
number , the car was builded with spares from 1972 Jo Bo's
T280 . The chassis number is T280/4 HU02 !!!!
Its for me difficult to believe but that seem to be coherent...
what do you think about ?
Interesting. So what is the car in the Rosso Bianco museum then? The ex-Jauslin chassis? It's a while since I've read the thread, so I think I need to go through it again as even I am getting confused now!

Also, Fox Motorsports were advertising T280 HU02 in Motor Sports and this is a totally different car, it is in the US, I believe. So this puts a question mark over the Mahe car, especially given what I have been told about when it was built and how...

Would be interesting to see the pictures from the LM Classic.
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