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rdmdog should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Dry Your Eyes Terry!

Fronm todays Daily Telegraph, Sydney-7 July 2003

"Morris' roar of thunder

THE expensive world of V8 supercar racing is about to become even more expensive now that the millionaire owner Terry morris has called in the big wigs.

The Gold-Coast based Nemo Racing has issued writs on the governing body of the sport [TEGA] and a large number of racing teams.

Nemo owns the Sirromet Wines Race team and Morris' son Paul drives the car in the national series.

The dispute involves valuable franchises which give the teams the right to race around the tracks of Australia.

Nemo Racing has only a level 2 franchise and the writs suggest the team should be allowed to campaign as a higher Level 1 franchise.

Level 1 franchises get more from the V8 profit pie than the Level 2.

Each Level 1 licence is estimated to be worth $1 million, so there is clearly something worth fighting for. Nemo sources say they had expected to be elevated to level 1 status in 2001."

Im sure they expected to win the championship by now as well, after all he has more money than most.
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