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Originally posted by Jeremy Jackson
We thought on page 4 of this thread that HU05 was the prototype T282 or T280/2, and there weren't many customers for the T282, apart from the Filipinetti/Gitanes chassis (Would this have been HU5 or 6?)

Autosport's 1975 article on Lola had a table which had the total of 6 T280/T282s. So with 3(+1; HU10) T286s in '77 (From HU10 advert on "In 1977, Lola built on 3 T286s, but after an order by Alain de Cadenet, a 4th was built."), that would work.

However, I don't know where the T284 fits in - Schulthess' car is called T284 or T286 at various times, but delivered just before Le Mans 1974. An update perhaps, or HU6, IF the Gitanes car was HU5?
Maybe the prototype T280/2, which was crashed at Kyalami and described as a write-off, was rebuilt. It those days it was quite unusual for a car to be junked unless nothing could be salvaged from it, and the identify of a previous chassis was often used in order to be able to use the same paperwork. So perhaps the Gitanes car from 1973 was given the chassis number HU05? Does anybody have any information to the contrary? Also, maybe the Schulthess car was the Gitanes car updated to 74 spec? Just thoughts off the top of my head BTW, without reference to any journals!

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