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Originally Posted by ScotsBrutesFan View Post
I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not
I'll leave it open to interpretation.

Originally Posted by Purist View Post
I'm not sure that that new Turn 1 would even be a lift; I think the teams might pile on more downforce, with three additional corners that will make it matter, and that could make the new corner flat-out. . .

Now, having stolen SBF's map, I present a plethora of variations.

The purple solution removes the current T1 chicane for the cars (bikes would still need a one I suspect) but adds a chicane mid-Curva Grande (I believe Mexico City had something vaguely similar at one point).

The crimson solution uses the T1 from the junior circuit and runs up to Variente Ascari before merging into the old Pirelli test course. From here the teal solution calls for running straight before merging into the current course at the end of Curva Grande, the orange solution merges into the latter half of SBF's proposal, or the second half of the green solution largely follows the old Pirelli test course.

The teal solution was my original interpretation of the description of the changes, with the course beelining to the old Pirelli course then shooting across to rejoin after Curva Grande.

The green solution, like SBF's, sweeps outside the banking before merging into the Pirelli test course, which it largely follows before merging into the final corner of SBF's solution.
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