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Originally Posted by ScotsBrutesFan View Post
The latest incarnation of the Hungaroring, is the least crash fest.
It's a relatively large radius corner, but as its only about 150 degrees with the kink that the completes the 180.

Nurburgring is similar in that it's not a full 180, but it's on a much shorter radius which means only one apex point, but different lines to it, that results in contact .

Spa is even tighter virtually a zero radius, the apex is ignored with the contact happening on squaring up and I finding your own space on the exit.
I can't speak for the Hungaroring, but I have a few laps down at the new Nurburgring and Spa. The thing about those corners is they have ample run-off, and having a lot of camber (though not obvious from above) they make it less of a crapshoot. I have had wrecks in both though (almost always the person behind me missing the braking point).

Youtube the Miami Bayfront Park Loop in Shift 2 and you'll see the horror show, unbanked, at a street circuit, 30-40 mph usually (haven't driven a GT car there) after the longest straight on the course. Bravo Slightly Mad.
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