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Elfin Type 300

I think that for the first time there will shortly be six type 300 Elfins in Australia. With the return of the prototype, frame no. SS 67-4 after many years in New York and a couple in the UK, that means every type 300 from first to last will be domiciled down under! From the little 1150cc Holbay powered one through the 2.0 litre Climax powered one that spent many years in Africa to all the Twin Cam powered ones. If one includes the one off type 350 as an honourary seventh car in the "300 Series" then we can look forward to their appearance in numbers at historic meets!!
So congratulations to all you gents currently campaigning them, I reckon that the "300 Club" ought be formed to allow you fellows to exercise (or should that be exorcise?) your obsessions!! Half a dozen of the prettiest sports racers ever produced in Australia on the same grid at Albert Park, Mallala, Winton or even Eastern Creek would look pretty impressive!
James Lambert
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