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2020 Historic Race dates and Club calendar thread

Mike may be you heard about the french 2020 calendar, foreigners are very welcome as always. Really. Official operator is HVM Racing many of you here know those people.
Historic Tour meetings: 17/19 of April, Albi; 8/10 of May, Dijon; 19/21 of June, Charade; 11/13 of September, Nogaro; 25/27 of September, Val de Vienne.
Motors Cup!: 30/31 of May, Pau ville; 2/4 of October Dijon Prenois; 16/18 of October, Circuit Bugatti Le Mans.

My old friend Alain Goupy and Asavé Paris will be at Croix en Ternois on 11/12 of July. More info on his website or
Warm welcome and good language can be expected.
I can't enough recommend at least Nogaro track…
Cheers! Gerry Mo'!

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