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I am new to this forum but not new to track cars and sports cars.
I have been asked to help repair a 1987 F3 with a Brabham 1.6l VW engine.
the only problem I ran into is sourcing the modified water pump with pulley.
I put a regular water pump on it for the time being but have no way to turn it. The crank pulley is occupied by the crank sensor thus I would need to drill holes into it to mount the OEM pulley. A bit worried about clearance issues.
The second idea is to find another pulley to for the intermediate shaft and to turn the waterpump.
Ive tried CHV they said the waterpumps would be avail in a month, 2 months ago. Another shop said they MAY be able to rebuild it.
Has anyone handle such an issue before?
Much appreciated.
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