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Originally posted by Alain HACHE
I just reed on an other forum that Jean Blaton was owner
of the T280 Bonnier / Switzerland . If thats right what
that for a good news to follow the story but I think the
man make a mistake . In the end of 2000 Jean Bla-
ton "BEURLYS" sold in bid gallery LE POULAIN in Paris an
T282 car ( sn T282/6 ) builded in 1973 .
Maybe the man confuse the cars ? Or did J Blaton owned
two cars ?
nice evenning
Hi Alain

Which forum was this - an English or French one? I don't see how this could be possible, unless it was the surviving 72 Le Mans car that Blaton bought, maybe after Rouveyran died, or after it had finished racing in 75/76 (e.g. Degoumois/Belin, Cuynet/Belin etc.)?

On another forum, a friend of mine mentioned that he remembered having seen what he was told was one of the 'Swiss Cheese' Lolas being prepared by Willie Widar in Belgium, and he thought it might then have gone to Jean Blaton. Certainly he remembered that it was yellow but I don't know if he was sure that it was a T280 or not.

I guess that it is likely to be a T282 as you said, particularly if this is what Blaton sold a few years ago. I know someone who knows Blaton, so I guess it might be worth trying to find out for sure?


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