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Originally Posted by rich07 View Post
A shame to lose the MC and original GT300 cars in the future if the new MC doesnít go ahead. Itís part of the spirit of the class.
Since FIA GT3 cars dominate GT300 class at 2012, I was concerned about that. I thought Japanese DIY racing cars would be diminished over time.
JAF-GT cars like Prius & CR-Z were too expensive for privateers (you know development of those cars were aided by respective manufacturers).
Hiroto Kaneso (team director of apr) said his team is more like a semi-constructor instead of a mere privateer.

JAF-GT & MC cars were above GT3 cars at some time but I remember some teams like GAINER felt MC cars were too OP with 1100kg minimum weight. Maybe that's why MC cars were added +50kg weight.

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