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Originally Posted by truebeliever View Post
Yep, that is what I mean..........

If as you say team A wants to use engine B, which is from an OEM manufacturer, meets the required numbers as already being used in one of their road models, does that manufacturer have to get the engine homologated for the team arbitrarily, or can the team/tuner etc, homologate it themselves?

In which case, is this an expensive process?

I'm just trying to understand how this all works, as it seems that most of the P2 teams are using Nissan engines. Is that because they are simply the best, or that given the choice between that and a judd, they are better and a team cannot homologate an engine, so in essence you must run what is out there?

I'm not very experienced in this level of racing and really was curious as to the protocol......

A tuner can homologated an engine as far as I know. For example a Judd engine from Engine Developments ltd is a BMW block, with no relation to factory BMW Motorsport. How it works if say Oreca wanted to build its own engines, it would be fine as a manufacturer from what I know (like HPD). But for a team such as Murphy prototypes to make their own engine wouldn't be allowed as the principal of P2 is that it's customer teams.

In essence a P2 team has to buy from what is available as far as I know. The best thing to do is to get a proven engine, that the team can afford.
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