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ford71 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by peckstar View Post
Grandstand ten puts you somewhere near where i sit. Sorry

Great place to sit though, without knowing your seat number you should have a good view down pit straight and of hells corner and even some of mountain straight, should be a big screen to your left and all the ford pits will be in front of you

You're up the back, we are down the front.
I know the Track maps you can download are only a guide but what you say lines up with my thoughts regarding the big screen. If we find ourselves lined up close-ish to the DJR pitbay I'll be very happy.

I read Sandgropers Bathurst 15 and 16 Threads - some good info there and reading them again was like returning to the time....I obviously read them as they were being created. Was great going thru peckstars great moments. Looks like I'm in for a wait though before I can act on booking anything more than what I have done.
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.......just waiting for CHAZ MOSTERT to chalk up his first V8SC Championship!