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Originally Posted by ScotsBrutesFan View Post
Brilliant highly detailed graphics as usual.

For some reason all I want to say it reverse it, not sure why the only thing that sticks out is that the short straight from the double 90 on the left might work better at the end of the back section rather than at the front.

I think you'll find Legends would love to race on the full length circuit, at 2.2km it's essentially Knockhill sized and they slipstream/bumpdraft there no problems. so unless you were thinking running BRisca Stockcars or similar I wouldn't bother with the oval.
You are probably right, I know nothing about legends racing! BriSCA seems like it could be suitable. Looking on their website their ovals are mostly around 300-400m long, as opposed to 490m for my design, but it could work I guess..

When I sketched the circuit it was originally anticlockwise (see highly detailed sketch below), but when I started sketchup-ing I changed my mind and reversed it. Then I changed my mind again and un-reversed it. No regrets!
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