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auroan should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
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Hyundai woes in WTCR are a mystery, to be honest, but let's not forget that this year they had new Goodyear tyres and (I presume) WTCR was the only championship to use common ECU (or at least try to use common ECUs) - which could have hit them hard. In most other championships Hyundais were competitive as usual.

In 2019 BoP in WTCR and across all TCR championships was pretty decent by the end of the season, so I do hope they will sort out this ECU thing soon and ensure +- equality once again.

Btw, strange why there is so few info/or analysis on this common ECU thing, and how it will be implemented, especially in other TCR championships
VW ran the new ECU in a previous season as well. Thats one of the reasons the Golfs were nowhere, even with Huff behind the wheel. It just didn't like the bosch sensors that VW use. One of the nails in the coffin for VW and Audi dropping out.
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