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Neither of Edwards' cars turned up at LM72, so they were in the entry list only. I would guess that ACO's scrutineering schedule is done at some point before the start of the LM "week", hence they would be unaware if the cars would be present or not. Edwards 2-litre entry was "taken over" by Brian Robinson according to Autosport. He never had a T280, wishful thinking perhaps.

Not wanting to be a killjoy , but I would also be slightly wary of the site's data that Nordic referenced - it seems to be a direct copy of Martin Krejci's old site, which now appears on Some of the other years on that site have the same question marks & notation that Martin used some years ago.

In terms of the being sure of which chassis Bonnier raced, the only definite references I have (from Autosport), are:
BA 1000:Bonnier raced HU1, larrousse/Craft raced HU2
Sebring: one car only, HU2 (which given the timing of the events, means that Bonnier used HU1 at the LM test day, and won the 4 hours with it)
Spa: Larrousse/de Fierlant in HU2

So any photo comparisons of the LM chassis with these known chassis may be the thing...

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