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Originally posted by Kojima_KE007
The reason why Takahara did not use T280 for the first round is probaby because the car simply was not ready as all the Grand Champion cars do have to go through some modifications to suit the fast Fuji Speedway circuit.

I am sure it is the chassis number 03 unless Lola got it wrong and put the wrong chassis number plate on the car, which obviously is still stuck on the chassis on the lower left hand side of the passenger seat.

It is even written on a book translated into Japanese that chassis number 03 was delivered to Noritake Takahara on 30th of March 1972 (probably the despatch date).
Hi Kojima_KE007

I am surprised that, having had the car so long, Takahara didn't have it ready for the first round, as he would have had several months to adapt it to Fuji. I have some contact details for Mr Takahara, so maybe I should ask him about this to clear it up once and for all!

I am sure you are right, as it is unlikely that the wrong chassis plate would have been put on the car. I hope I did not offend you in questioning you about this but I wanted to know that you were sure of your facts, as I have found through researching my Lotus books that the memory can play tricks over time and that photographic evidence is the only reliable witness

You mention a book translated into Japanese - which one is this and do you know if it is available in English as well? Sounds like a book I should have read

Thanks again

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