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Yes, I agree, the one advertised by Fox (HU05 ot T280/5, whatever you want to call it!) could well be the Schulthess car, although I am not sure when it would have acquired the HU05 chassis plate (maybe post-Kyalami?). You mention that it appeared in 1999 in the RJB Thundersports series - does anyone know who ran/administered that series as they might have some documentation for it still? If you have any pics of the Schulthess and Jauslin cars you could share, that would be good, as I've never seen photos of either.

Re the Jauslin car, I guess either of your two explanations are plausible! It would fit if it was a misprint and the chassis tag in the car was really HU05 and also it could be a 2-litre car uprated. Do we know how many 2-litre cars were built (a lot, I would guess!) and if so I suppose the only answer is to try and find out where/whom chassis T29*/50 was sold to?


Thank you, thank you! I was really hoping somebody who was there/had a programme might dive in! That's very useful. Does it give any indication as to what sort of era Pescarolo might have driven it in the French Sportscar Championship (actually I didn't know there was one!) I mean did you get the impression they meant in the early 1980s once its Le Mans career was over or are we talking recently? I guess the best thing is to get on to Bert Skidmore himself and ask him what else he knows about it.

The date of April 1999 would seem to suggest that this cannot have been the same T286/7 that was offered for sale/(sold?) at the Poulain auction, as I am sure somebody said that was December 1999 or even 2000. Problem is, I can't find any record of it on their website - does anybody have the exact date of the sale? I'm sure PHDM had some details and even pics of the cars and chassis plates but I can't find them...


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