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Thanks for the pic of Schulthess at Le Mans 75 and the link to the Jauslin car - I also found another one at the bottom of that page, a sort of rear three-quarter shot with all the bodywork on.

So the Schulthess car *could* have been his 73 2-litre upgraded? It might make sense if it was but for the sake of our chassis history it kind of fits in better if it was T280/2(2) upgraded.

BTW, when I spoke to the chap at Lola yesterday, he didn't disagree that it was the original T280/2 that was written off in the Bonnier crash.

However, I guess we still do not know that for sure, so there is a feint possibility that it could have been HU01 that was crashed and written off.

Personally, I feel certain that the original, hacked-around prototype would have been given to the pay drivers but you never know, one car might have had a better/newer spec engine in it...

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