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Blimey Jeremy that's a bit too close to be a coincidence, don't you think?! There can't have been too many cars with a distinctive airbox, central rear-view mirror, and the rear (brake?) ducts like that, can there? Also, what is under that airbox - a dummy engine? Surely if it was a 2-litre engine that kind of airbox wouldn't fit? You can even see white paint on the nose where it has flaked away - maybe that is another clue too.

So perhaps Schulthess/Jauslin's car really was a T292 uprated, maybe even the car built by Lola and sold originally to Jolly Club which ran Dijon 73 with the Capri V6 or Schulthess's original 73 T292 uprated?

Do you know of anyone who has results for the Orwell Supersports - surely they haven't been backing it for that long have they?-


PS - I get the feeling that Rosso Bianco is somewhere I really ought to go...
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