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celes1 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Hart Escort Special Saloon.

Originally Posted by Mike Bell View Post
As Peter says, 'firewalls' have been a requirement for many many years. I can remember having to fill surplus holes between the engine compartment and driver, and fuel tank and driver in the late 60s. On something like a super saloon the panels could have been removeable and still have been legal. Fuel tanks inside the car would have had to be similarly protected.

That Escort must have been soooo noisy to drive!
Absolutely positive this Hart Escort had alloy covers around the engine, gearbox and fuel tank when it was on the grid. Probably Pete at Spec-R will confirm he has them all and only took them off for pictures showing the engine.

It only goes to confirm what I indicated earlier that Geoff Wood would have had his senses dulled with the noise of the engine on full chat and excessive fumes in the cockpit. This was the reason why Geoff got physically sick racing it and slowed him down a tad.

It will be easy to vent the car when its being refurbished by Spec-R, although looking at the images that have been put on this posting, Andrew Grover the last driver in 1979 did alter certain airflow ducts in the Escort to alleviate some fume build up.
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