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AntA35 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Thank you all for your input on this. You have confirmed what I had thought.

Look forward to seeing how Goodwood get their heads around this in March.

Lots of older liveried cars are running younger homologated/BSCC parts than their liveries would allow if the HTPs are utilised and enforced correctly.

For example, there is a replica of a 1974 Group 1 car running at Goodwood and as such it should have twin SU carbs, not Weber 48s (as homologated for 76/77, let alone the Weber 50s it has been using), it should have standard thin unvented front discs for brakes (not the vented ones it has), the tubular exhaust it has should be replaced for cast iron manifold etc etc...

Therefore for this car to maintain it competitiveness it will have to find a livery from 1981/82 to copy to get the most advantageous set of parts applicable for its HTP. Either that or it accepts it will be woefully slow, keeps its 1974 livery, removes all of the post 1974 parts and doesn’t get invited back again.

Doesn’t this mean that eventually everyone will be driving around in replicas of the same car eventually in order to maintain the most competitive car?
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