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Originally Posted by LateModel24 View Post
In Europe, we don't really have professional oval racing. Then, when we have a series like the Whelan NASCAR Euro Series, we run into big problems around sanctioning bodies. Long circuit motorsport in Europe is all run under the control of the FIA and it's national governing bodies. Short track oval racing is all run by individual promoters: Spedeworth, CAMSO, etc. The FIA gets very upset when people decide to go racing on non-approved circuits. There is no benefit for a short oval to get FIA approval; they don't need it.

As for Tours "speedway", it's a temporary oval certified to FIA specification which means those temporary barriers and no concrete wall. Other than Tours, Rockingham and Lausitz are FIA certified but too big for a NASCAR touring series.

I wonder if there is any way that the Euro Series can drop it's FIA International status and have more freedom to run short ovals?
You know, LateModel24, back in the mid to late 40s, right after then end of World War II, numerous small tracks sprung up all around the Southern United States. Several loosly organized groups sanctioned different races on these small ovals. Many of the drivers that competed at these tracks were drivers that the night before had delievered illegal "moonshine" from the Hills of North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and North Georgia. There was a potential for organization and along about 1947 or so, a group, headed by a gentleman, named William H.G. (Big Bill) France, met, in a Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida. That day, NASCAR was formed. It sounds like you are at that same place now, with regards to the small ovels, that we were here, back in 47. Perhaps you need a "Big Bill" France, to step forward, take the reigns and do the same there, with regards to organizing the independent promoters and small ovals. So what if the FIA gets upset, they can't do anything to stop someone that would do this, I don't believce. NASCAR use to fool with the FIA, through it's represenative ACCUS, here in the U.S., but it got in the way, more than anything else and NASCAR finally just ignored them and/or told them to "Take a hike". As you know, NASCAR has done quite well, without FIA interference. I don't know if ACCUS still exists, but all they did was got in the way. They got no respect and we commonly fefered to them as JACCUS! Non FIA tracks can be just as safe as FIA tracks, if the owners/operators are willing to spend the money to make the tracks safe. I'm guessing that someone could organize those independent ovals into a group, offer the group of tracks to NASCAR to run the Euro Series on and you'd have quite a good series of races each year. You wouldn't be up to the task, would you?
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