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Originally Posted by chunder View Post
To be perfactly honest most sjort ovals in the UK wouldnt be interested in running a series like this.

No one would be interested in watching it, as they werent really interested in ASCAR and late models.

I can understand them runnng on normal tracks but they would be effectivly running as outlaws on ORCi tracks, and getting them a date would be difficult.

A track like Brafield or Birmigham would be too small, Wimbledon is on its last klegs and very unsafe.

You might be able to run somewhere like Venray, but thats where Late Models ran and didnt do a rgeat deal sadly.

We just aint Americans, and the only way any kind of non contact stock car series would ever even have a chance at working (and a slim one at that) would be to get trucks or Nationwide, or heaven forbid Spring cars over.

And that aint happening, just as it hasnt happened anywhere else in the world, coz y see, the Yanks are too easily pleased and we need a little mroe than that Im afraid!
You seem to say that like someone that really does not want it to have a chance to succeed, like maybe you are afraid that it could or would succeed. It the late 40s, there was a fanbase of a particular form of racing here in the U.S., that said the same thing about stock car racing and especially about the newly founded, at that time, NASCAR. They claimed that there was no interest in stock cars and in this new formed NASCAR sanctioning body for stock car racing. They said that there was no way that it would catch on, no way that it would succeed. Not only did they say that, as it grew and grew, they more openly voiced their displeasure that it was succeeding and their desire for it not to succeed. They took it to great lengths to express their hopes that it wouldn't succeed. In what can only be labled poetic justice, NASCAR not only succeeded, but did so, so much to the point that it knocked their form of racing off of the "top of the hill" of American auto racing! I'm not saying that you hold their views or are like them, just saying that some of what you have said sounds exactly like what they were saying. I've never understood that view, since the U.S. is a big country and there is plenty of room and plenty of people for there to be room for the success of multiple form of auto racing, without the need to look down on, bash one or another form different from what one may enjoy and wish another form to not be successful. Likewise, I would think that the same sitution exists there and in the rest of the world. I should think that the view of every fan of auto racing, SHOULD be, I like and watch what I like and anyone else should be allowed to do the same thing. It's a simple concept, really. Just enjoy what you enjoy and let others enjoy what they enjoy.

I don't think you really have to worry about NASCAR sending the Sprint Cup, Nationwide or Camping World Series there. NASCAR is really not interested in expanding, much beyond the borders of the U.S. Aside from maybe a race on the U.S.-Canada border, which would serve the U.S. market as much as the Canadian market, they have little interest. Yes, they did a couple of exibition races in Australia and in Japan, a few years ago, but those were not expansions into those countries, just exibitions. There was a spin-off in Australia, a local NASCAR style series, AUSCAR and for a short time, as NASCAR Sprint Cup Style series. They did not last, but there is more to the story than meets eye. I have friends there and they said that the two were doing quite well, building popularity, but that the two series were ultimately killed off by the then head of what morphed into the V8 Supercar Series, with a WHOLE LOT of backing from a little anal JERK named bernie! Otherwise, they believe the series would have continued to grow and would have ultimately been a huge success.

What many forget or don't understand is that the Euro Series is one of the five regional touring series, that are development series for the three above mentioned, top series of NASCAR. The Canadian Tire, Toyoda Mexican and Whelen Euro Series are not so much international expansion efforts, by NASCAR into their respective countries/continents, but instead set up more to find and develop new talent for the three top NASCAR series! If there were not an interest in stock cars, even if it is a minor interest, compaired to other forms of racing there, NASCAR would not have a series there. My question is, is it really a lack of interest there or is it more the fear of some, that interest does exist and that they are afraid that, that interest might be uncovered/discovered, nourished and developed. The same situation that occured in Australia, according to my friends there, where the interest was killed off!

Too easily pleased? How so? I really do not get the point you are trying make with that statement.

Also, you say that the tracks at Brafield or Birmigham are too small, what are their lengths (please give in statute mile mesurement, not metric, as I want to compare them to a couple of tracks here in the U.S.) Are they smaller than Bowman Gray Stadium (1/4 mile in length) and Islip Speedway (.2 miles), in New York, Each of these tracks, and numerous others around the country were and/or are still used for stock car racing, by NASCAR and other series. Bowman Gray and Islip were used by the old NASCAR Grand National Division, (today, the Sprint Cup Series) back when they ran the old 1st and 2nd generation cars. Those cars were MUCH larger than the cars that are raced in the Sprint Cup Series, today!

Understand, I am not attacking you, I am just pointing out that what you said -- "No one would be interested here", "...aint happening, just as it hasnt happened anywhere else in the world", etc., I have heard allot of people, that did not/do not want stock car racing and especially NASCAR to succeed. Thank you, in advance for any reply answer to the questions I ask above.
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