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Originally Posted by PabloTeK View Post
The ACCUS still exist, and apparently NASCAR is a member. Bit of a strange one the ACCUS as while it's the ASN for the US, it's not an actual sanctioning body in the sense of the MSA or CAMS etc.
Yes, JACCUS still exists and I believe NASCAR still maintains some form of relationship with them, but they seem to be more of a hinderance than anything else. I don't believe they are bothered by or with them very much. I believe NASCAR does FAR BETTER without them, that with them!

Originally Posted by PabloTeK View Post
I'm actually interested in the differences of the safety features between say a Cup car and something like an LMP car. The only reason for choosing LMP is that the car speeds are similar (i.e. 200+ mph) and they're both car-ish...
About the best thing I could suggest to find out, might be to contact NASCAR and inquire about the safety of the Generation 6 Car and contact whatever sanctioning body, series that controls LMP racing and make similar inquires, then compare the two. I don't see any why both should not agree to provide the requested information.
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