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chunder should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridchunder should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridchunder should be qualifying in the top 3 on the grid
Mr Lee

I understand your point, but you are in the US, where this kind of racing has its origins!

We are, how can I put it, not quite as large a country and maybe a little more sophisticated in our tastes historically.

We do have a very well supported short oval scene in the UK, but it is largely split into non and full contact. Something you guys dont really do any of, (other than those awful Destruction derby things, you could do so much better). And it is also not recognised by our moronic governing body the RACMSA who just turn a blind eye to formula that have more drivers in them than three quarters of all the tin pot car racing formulae on 'proper' circuits do put together. It is almost a pirate show!! The cars are safe, the tracks are well looked after and safe.

So, the short tracks already exist, their fixtures lists are pretty full already, so as a promoter you are not going to risk dropping dates for something like this that no-one really has an interest in. Unless you can guaranteee a crowd, and that crowd only comes with names.

It has been tried already, when Rockingham was built they bought over a load of ASA cars, got some real good guys to drive them, tv deal etc and it utterly bombed! Because Europeans aren't interested in oval racing, in Germany too DTM got bigger crowds than ASCAR did, and their oval is a white elephant as Rockingham is.

You don't have a Nurburgring, your biggest track has 4 corners! Says it all about the differences between us in our tastes I am afraid, You go wild about the corkscrew! Have any of you guys see the Karussell or Flugplatz! Jeez.

Being serious, it is a question of taste, Europeans might go and watch a proper NASCAR full meeting in Germany or the UK, but some smaller formula would only get as much interest as bombers or regional late models perhaps. We just aren't interested.

It is not fear at all, honestly. Some of us would love it, but we don't have the infrastructure, interest or desire to take up large scale oval racing, not when those that do can hop on a plane and watch it there. That is where the US started 60 odd years ago, in Europe we had been racing cars for 100 years before that! On roads, circuits, Brooklands was closed before you guys got serious!!! lol

Its simply a cultural thing, nothing else.
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This used to be such a vibrant place. Unless you are Oz or like 24h races whats the point now?