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This thread concerning the differences is totally ignoring-- the simple fact -- the absolute differences in racing history between this side of the pond and over there.
In U.S. there were dozens of makes,= pre-WW II and right after WW II still over one-half dozen makes, who were racing stocks cars in regional ( what NASCAR is now only came about in less than the past twenty years) series or singular races across the country hundreds of time a month or even weekly at times.
What exists now is a shadow of what once was and really is really a third or fourth cousin to what existed pretty much through the eighties in the U.S..

The closest item in the U.K. was Jaguar and Rover maybe Mercedes in sedan road races.

Had there been Jaguars, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Mercedes, Rover, Maserati etc. sedans running out on the ovals that still existed in the U.K. and Europe, then maybe persons over there would have been interested while cheering for their favorite make but that did not happen; therefore because the U.S. had major series involving sports cars, sedans (road and oval) and multiple types of open wheel cars-- people here have or at least had especially when weekly racing newspapers flourished-- a good idea of what was going on in all aspects, multiple types open wheel, mutliple types sports and two forms of sedans, while people on that side of the pond were mostly in the dark beyond F-1, and road racing .
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