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NAC should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridNAC should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
His site has not been updated with news since Nov

Question and answers article here from 24/12/07

Q: You've been angling for a test in an IRL car for some time now haven't you? How did this one come about?

A: The IRL introduced some rules last year to encourage the IndyCar teams to participate in the Indy Pro Series. So when they field cars in the latter they are given bonus test days which are valuable because of the lack of testing given to the teams. Because AFS (the team that I drove for this year) was aligned with AGR I was given the opportunity to test at the end of the year in order for them to evaluate me for the future.
Q: And 2008? You're obviously still hanging out for a drive in the 'main game' but it still looks like a bit of a closed shop. What are your thoughts on 2008?

A: Getting a ride, and also the right kind of ride, in IndyCar is very tough. The Pro Series is just getting to the point now where it is a credible stepping stone to IndyCars, but there are very limited opportunities. Steve Horne and I are working on 2008, but I think the best strategy for myself long term is to stay involved with a team of AGR's calibre.
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