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Kale should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid

Originally Posted by phdm
When the car was for sale in France by the previous owner 4 years ago with a X/Flow engine and Mk9 gearbox, the chassis number that was claimed was RP6/3 but the car was alo sometimes referred to as an RP4. According to Paul Lawrence ("Nowhere to hide"), RP6/3 was sold to Brazil. All this is confusing. In addition, I was also told at the stame time that the car had been found in Switzerland and was fitted with an FT200 and BDH engine. The name of the Swiss owner was never released. There was an article published one year ago in a French magazine (Retro Course n° 26) on the car where the Brazilian connection was indicated. Mind you, the car now fitted with a BMW engine is said to be very original. When was the last time you saw an RP6 in period with a BMW 2002 engine ?
I saw the car in the late 90 ´s in switzerland in the garage
from Charles Croset - fitted with an BDH and FT 200 under
restauration !
I had the copy from the Original import Papers from the 11.01.1972
The paper says Royale RP 4 / 7 !!

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