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Mike Hedlund should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridMike Hedlund should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridMike Hedlund should be qualifying in the top 3 on the grid
Originally Posted by broadrun96 View Post
Because of the similar lap times but made in different ways? It seems like they should be targeted at different driver groups so different races would make sense anyway. Not all Ams can run at the front of the field like a certain Tenths poster can.

Regarding lap times: I don't think they're as close as they looked at Barcelona. James is one of the best Bronze drivers in the world, period. He was racing against some of the slowest Bronze drivers. It's no offense meant for the drivers in the Blancpain Sports Club series, but it's a fact and it's why they don't run in Sprint or Endurance.

Having a slower (lap time) class with the least experienced/skilled drivers being the fastest on the straights (by far) is a recipe for terrible racing. I've been on both sides of that coin and it sucks.

Personally, I don't understand the current GT2 class/cars and it has no appeal to me as a racer. I guess in Europe there were too many GT3 cars so they figured they'd create a new class for the guys that just want to show up and pound around in a cool car but not ever race against Pro's?

For GMG I get it because it's a fit for some of their customers, so they're taking it on. I doubt it'll take off as a class in the US though. But that's just my opinion of course.

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