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R.Lee should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by fieldodreams79 View Post
I actually tuned in this evening for a little bit and saw one of the nastiest accidents I've seen in some time. Logano had a failure going into 1 and collected Danica into the fence. Aric Almirola had no traction and barreled into Joey at such a high rate of speed the rear of the car was lifted far into the air. AA was pulled from the car after the roof was removed and certainly hoping he'll be okay. He was conscious when removed....
That was a bad one. One of the worst I've seen in awhile. Thank God it wasn't worse. Danica is lucky that she didn't get severly burned, that car looked like it took the worst of it. Aric is very fortunate that his injuries were not a whole lot worse. The with the speed and the angle that he hit at, and with the height that the back of the car came off or the ground, I feared paralysis of lower extremities. Nothing that Logano could do, he was just along for the ride. Fortunately, the cars are far safer today. Shudder to think what might have happened had they been driving pre-COT cars. Aric will have a long and painful recovery, similar to what Tony Stewart went through, but he should make a full recovery. Prayers for him.
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