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Originally Posted by wolfhound View Post
An interesting article by Mike Lawrence in Pitpass( ). He talks about the current state of play re finance, governance etc.

After reading and other articles in recent times it appears that F1 is getting closer and closer to a cliff edge and does not appear to be able to pull itself back as none of the parties involved have the power to control it. It would not surprise me to see a major implosion/ financial crash as a number of teams pull out under financial stress.
At the moment the owners of Marussia are looking to merge with another team.
To me it would make more sense for Marussia and Caterham to go sportscar racing than F1. I think they should get a better return as they get little puplicity in F1 anyway. Sportcar racing would offer them the oppertunity to market their car brand rather than the drivers names. The winner of LeMans is known by the car make first drivers second.
Bernie has built it up to a point where no team can actually face it besides RB and Ferrari. Mercedes can follow but are unhappy about it and the rest of the field is simply on the verge of collapse.

Lotus almost fold. Without Maldo's $$, they would haave turned the page and Grosjean was at one point in November on the market for any F1 rescue and even possible endurance programs! If the 4th team on the grid has reached that status, it tells you about the rest... Signing Sirotkin and Kyvat for $$$ is a testimony of that. RB is taking $$ via Torro Rosso just like Mclaren did with Perez... Seriously!!!

For those who say it has always been like that, I reply: the last 2 or 3 teams have always welcomed an attached budget (Minardi, Jordan, etc.) but not 80% of the grid! THIS IS ALARMING INDEED.

And for the last two, I fully agree. They would have such an interesting program in endurance where they could fight for podiums and wins! In F1, Marussia and Caterham are simply burning $$ for no return.
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