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Jager should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridJager should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Lorenzo S View Post
Nice photos! And they are all 1:43? Very impressive.
Certainly, one of the reasons I limited myself was 1:18 takes up a lot of space. I do prefer that scale though - 1:43 just seems a little too toy sized.
I don't have anything by Spark - I just looked at their website and I see they have Marko/Van Lennep's 1971 917 due for release. Damn. Maybe I should have waited another year!
Yes, all are 1:43. Spark have a pretty impressive range of models and have produced almost 2,000 Le Mans models to date. Most are cars that have never been made in 1:18.

Originally Posted by Aysedasi View Post
Those are really splendid. I'm looking forward to the model of the Red River Sport Ferrari with replacement red door and perfectly copied red gaffer tape....

PS If and when anyone sees a 1:43 of the Nielsen Racing Oreca #24, can they let me know please?
Because many cars go through various changes of wheels and bodywork during the race, Spark’s usual standard is to model the cars as they appeared at the start of the race. Unfortunately you’ll have to model the replacement door yourself.

The #24 Nielsen Racing Oreca will probably be available around the time of next years race.

Originally Posted by Carson Hayes View Post
Man, I used to collect those. Too bad my brother lost it all, his ex took everything he had.
Ouch, some of the rarer models are worth 4 - 5 times more than what they sold for originally.
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