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Originally Posted by jee View Post
ACO needs to create a LMPe class for electric prototypes.
This is what the market demands, this is what the manufacturers demand.
That would be directly involved with road car development. Formula E is far from being ideal for EV development but from marketing perspective it is the only one. Problem WEC faces is the fast tracks for pure EV racing. They would require battery change every half an hour or so. I don't see Fuel Cell being any relevant in the future unfortunately so I don't think they can rely on that either, although Toyota would have loved that.

Anyway once Formula E gig is done and EV technology gets into adolescence WEC will be relevant again. All those manufacturers from FE will come to WEC to showcase their real products. FE will have a hard time moving from spec series completely. Manufacturers enjoy marketing benefits from spec series right now but it will be a whole different game when FE tries to open up major parts for development and I'm not sure FE is ready for that yet. But WEC will be.
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