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Originally Posted by medius View Post
Looking at getting a prime for shooting trackside. Currently have a 7dmk2 body with Tamron 70-300 di vc but due to injury I'm not able to rotate my left wrist to zoom. I'm usually found at Snett, Donny, Cadwell and occasionally venture to croft so a monster reach isn't must have, but haven't looked at the lens market for about 6 years are there any obvious choices for the type of shooting we do. I don't really have Canon L f2.8 budget. but something sharp with accurate AF. My photos try to be frame filler single shots attempting to be artistic not scattergun document everyone shots.

Anything from Tamron or Sigma worth looking at or renting initially or just bite the bullet and pray to Lord Mastercard for a Canon L? Or instead of a prime how about a pull zoom?
I don't have one myself but have always read good things about the Canon 100-400 Mk 1 which is a push-pull zoom? (The Mk2 is not push-pull)

The only downsides seem to be the max aperture range across the zoom, perhaps a bit long at the sort end on a crop body and the suggestion that a push-pull zoom may suck in dust.

I'm not sure about the latter as a potential problem. However there is no "environmental sealing" claimed and it may require a cover when shooting in wet conditions. The image quality, right from the earliest lenses, always looks excellent.

The Mk1, used, might be around at the right money.
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