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Racinrhonda should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
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get on the rhpk facebook group and ask, they're localish to you, OEKC might visit kent too this year, look them up, loads of seats to rent there if you talk to the organisers.

No real endurance karting your way apart from the 3+6hr sodi kart races they have at Buckmore. Theres a buckmore drivers facebook group were i'm sure you can find people to race with, or just goto bp-pro and talk to fellow racers. Clinton Bell is the race director at buckmore, he can help you get into this kind of karting too.

(apologies if you already know this)
Sorry, a little off topic but curious. Being from the USA and one who raced what we refer as Endurance racing, I'm curious about the differences. 1. When you refer to Endurance, are you talking about many laps/hours on a short under .5 to .7 tenths mile course, or on a 2.5-3 mile circuit like Snetterton or BHR for example? 2. Are you contesting in a sprint style chassis.
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