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cg7aa should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by ArnageWRC View Post
Hyundai can't seem to make their car reliable enough...
That still baffles me; I can't understand it. I remember when they first entered and all the breakages they were having on the rougher forward x years later and some of the same things (I may be mistaken on this) are still breaking on the tougher events. Is it a deliberate engineering philosophy or an inability to conduct proper root cause analysis and learn from it? Who knows!

Originally Posted by ArnageWRC View Post
Of all the major global motorsport series, the WRC is probably the least interesting.
I fear we may lose a manufacturer sooner rather than later and then the championship will look very hollow indeed. Sad. There doesn't seem to a queue of manufacturers queuing to enter for the last 10+ yrs it seems. Are the promoters and FIA even actively courting manufacturers? A serious rethink in needed before the whole think collapses in on itself.
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