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I think Jan Lammers said it correctly earlier this week on an RLM podcast when he said the green racing movement is hypocritical. You transport these things all these miles and then save a little fuel and call it green. Nonetheless, I can see a social benefit to green racing if racing can convince people that new technology performs well and is, in a way, as exciting as gasoline chugging engines. The 918 RSR does that. I think the Porsche GT3 did that as well. Maybe the Green GT or Courage could, I don't know, but I don't see how the Sausagemobile is going to do that. The thing is not cool and it isn't even relevant to road going cars.
The point isn't that they're saving fuel or being green in every facet of the operation. The point is that they are creating technology and doing R&D at a hyper pace due to extreme competition between industry giants.
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