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Originally Posted by Canada ALMS fan View Post
That seems like the best case, most realistic solution (knowing P1 is not coming back over here). P3 would be better than PC - we would have diversity in the lower P class. P3 will not be eligible for the Le Mans but at least it will be a common rule set with ELMS to allow additional Euro entries at the big races. I would like to see all GTE cars for GT with a Pro class and an AM class like the WEC, but I really don't see that happening with how well received GTD has been. The key to GT will be what global rules are established and if TUSC decides to adopt them.
They would pretty much have to adopt the GT convergence rules. It would be pure stupidity to take GT/GT+ cars and alter them instead of letting them run as-is. They could put the pro-am class cars on the Conti crap tires like they do now and there would be plenty of separation.
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