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My 2017 Story

So the 2017 Le Mans has come to an end. We all have been home for a couple of weeks and it is time to think back and evaluate the whole thing.

For me, CTD, my son and Louise Le Mans started with the packing of our rental car i Germany. With the entire luggage for the International TT Camp (ITTC): 16 tents, BBQ, Gas bottle, 2 tables and cooler box the car was very full. As always we managed to close the doors and we were off.

Using most of the day and half the night we arrived at Houx and found our row of spots. 3 quick tents and a few hours of sleep later we started to build the camp so that we were ready to receive the others.

2017 will always be special to me, as it is the first year where my ideas for the ITTC came to live. We had people from all over the world with us, and just as many from other countries as from Denmark.

Tuesday and Wednesday was the big moving in days and soon we were 5 Americans, 2 from the UK, 2 Romanians, 1 Swede, 1 Australian and 11 Danes all there to see the race and have a good time. Most of the people had been to Le Mans before so everyone had some ideas of what they wanted to do and what they wanted to see. As a lot of us knew each other from previous years the atmosphere in camp was very friendly.

Wednesday was used seeing the near part of the trackside and a few people went to the museum. Everybody just finding them self and settling in.

Thursday morning we went for a drive down Mulsanne and all the way to Porsche curves. Most of the crew went to see some track action and the first Qualifying. In the evening we drove down to Arnage corner to see the first hour of last qualifying.
With us we had a secret passenger careful hidden in a small bag in a box. The secret passenger must have been a Magician, cause he managed to make one of us disappear for 2 hour and reappear as mr. Wallpaper later.

Well the rest of us went to Mulsanne Corner to watch the rest of the Q3. But again our secret passenger managed a little magic. So now we were missing mr. Wallpaper and we were joined by Sir Chuckalot. Luckily we were in Europe. No punishment for being naked. Except from a bit of bullying in camp :-).
On the way back to camp we had a call from Mr. Wallpaper, so we picked him up in Arnage and went strait home in bed.

Friday was pitwalk and driver parade. After a long hot day i Le Mans center we split up to find some good frence food. A very nice evening.

Raceday: Up early and after a good breakfast it was off to find a good spot on the terrace in front of the grandstands. After that it was time for at highlight of the whole tour: the Ten Tenths meeting. As always a lot of good food and a lot of old friends. I just love meeting up with your guys and hear a little of what happened in the last year.
And as always a lot of good food and drinks.
Personaly I found it very hot, so we were soon back in camp and getting ready to go and see night race instead. So Louise and Johannes (my son) and I went to Arnage with our sleeping bags and watched the Toyotas die from there before we went for a couple of hours of sleep.
Sunday after breakfast we packed the camp into the cars, so that they were ready to drive home when the race ended. We said our goodbye and wandered off to see the end of the race. It was a great time in the camp and I hope to see all of you again some time.
Thanks to CTD, KPY, Giba aka Sir Chuckalot, ATLFalconsFAN, Madkart aka Mr. Wallpaper,Willxr50, Dani Filth, Victor_RO and CJD187 and friends for making this a LeMans never to be forgotten.
See you all 2018

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