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Running at 40mm

Right, another chance to air my ignorance, maybe generate some debate and hopefully gain some useful intelligence.

Mono F3 cars at 40mm - a well aired topic and I don't want to discuss the pros and cons - its been done to death elsewhere. My question is, on the basis that you have to comply - how to mitigate the effects as much as possible? The problem seems, that if you start mucking about with a good setup (albiet at 15mm) too many variables enter the equation and without recourse to some serious time, money and testing you may lose more than you gain.

Some initial thoughts:

a. dual rate springs which would allow the car to run at 40mm statically but compress lots as soon as the wings cut in. Not too sure about this as without wind tunnel data you won't know how much force is generated at various speeds so a enormous amount of empirical testing would be needed not to mention cost and time. plus camber change issues, varying dynamic roll centres etc etc.

b. some form of variable geometry pivots for the pushrods - same argument as above would apply I think.

c. I have seen elsewhere on the forum, the idea of 'softer' springs but why? what about static wheel rate? would this include anti roll bars? what about losing the ability to negate droop using preload? what about effect on camber as the springs will allow much more body movement and hence camber change? aaarrrgghhhhhh

Could throw in more ideas but I know some of you know far more than me!!!!!
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