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Teammates comparison 2022

Well... it is about... comparison of teammates...

VER-PER  10 01 10 11 11 11 00 01 =  5-3  5-3  10- 6  55%   Equality
LEC-SAI  11 11 11 11 11 10 10 11 =  8-0  6-2  14- 2  99.6% Utterly busted!
HAM-RUS  11 00 10 00 10 00 00 00 =  3-5  1-7   4-12  92%   Almost busted
In each race there are two numbers, the first number is qualifying position, the second is race classification (including DNF positions). An "1" means the first driver was better, "0" means the opposite.

So, "10" in Emilia Romagna for Red Bull means Verstappen was better in qualy (I DON'T BOTHER with mini race's positions grid!) while Perez was better classified in the (proper) race.

GRID: scores in qualy
RACE: scores in races
TOTAL: sum of the two

Percentage: In an approx statistical alaguage, probability (or degree of certainty) that the driver ahead is really ahead (and not just by random chance). I add a descriptive text to help to interpret thos probabilities:

-- Utterly busted: the driver behind performed worse with virtually total certainty (no bad luck excuses!).

-- Busted: the driver behind performed worse almost surely.
-- Almost busted: the driver behind is nearly being busted.
-- Advantage: the driver ahead probably is performing better but not yet without a "reasonable doubt".
-- Equality: the minor differences can be easily due to random events.

I get the info in a slightly convoluted way in FORIX (convoluted because I try to save time and effort) so I hope there are not errors but... I would be happy if someone see any anomaly and tell it here. I love true data and hate false data (well, "hate" is a bit exaggerated word here).

In a future I could increase the number of teams to compare. But I am notoriously unreliable in my schedule, so who knows?
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