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I think the number of T280s is unclear, but jeremy Lord raced anon-Bonnier carin Minilite colours in Motoring News events in 1974 (I think). Tim Goss certainly raced that car at the Silverstone Interserie in 1974. That car "may" have been the one raced by Ray Mallock in Thndersports during 1983.

I believe the chassis for the cars for 1973 onwards, the T282 - T284 - T286 were sequential. T286-HU10 was the chassis run by James Wallis in Thundersports during 1985-86, and this was a car that was originally destined for de Cadenet, I believe.

So it could be assumed that there was a maximum of 10 3-litre chassis (If it wasn't for T286-HU50 being raced by Reudi Jauslin in Interserie from approx. 1978-83 !)

T280-HU01 was I think raced by Daniel Rouveyran in 1973, after that I don't know.

Hope that helps

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