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Wow, Michael, thanks very much for your effort.

Couple of things -

I mentioned just a bit earlier that the HU05 that Foz has was run by them in 1999 as a "T284" (according to magazine reports, I didn't get to see it -Any programmes to confirm this?), so was this Schulthess' car?

6 & 7 look prety well sorted out (He said hopefully), I guess we may not no which particular events 8 & 9 took part in.

So I still have some doubts on the original 2 JoBo team cars - Did we start off with the wrong assumptions?

Plus, and this may not be part of our "story" at all, Reudi Jauslin's "T286-HU50" raced in Interserie betwenn 1978 & 1983 - Is this (most likely) a 2-litre chassis uprated, or a misprint of HU05? The one photo I have of shows a tall airbox, alost identical to Schulthess' car.

Thanks again, Michael

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