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Hi Jeremy/Mickj

I know what you mean Jeremy about circumstances having to change - so many places, so little time...and so much money needed to get there! I did think that if I made a visit to the Ring it was probably only one and a half to two hours on from there, judging by a quick look at the map. But I don't have any plans to do that this year at present!

Re Martin's site, something interesting caught my eye, which was Jorg Zaborowski, Palm Springs, was the entrant for Dieter Quester in the Supersports race at the Ring 28/6/92, so this might offer up one or two ways of making contact with him to put a few more pieces of the jigsaw into place. As a result of this reference to Palm Springs, I believe I have tracked him down and am about to fire off an email to see what he can tell me...I'll let you know if/what I hear from him.

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