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calderra should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Aysedasi View Post
Do Ferrari think enough of Vettel to worry what he would or wouldn't like.....
Vettel is very, very good to Ferrari. If he wins this championship I foresee an epic breakdown in tears for Schumi. Nobody should be dumb enough to mess that up.

A young driver that will push Vettel is a good idea. In an ideal world you'd get Verstappen onboard, he seems like the most dangerous young gun and with some luck you could team order him and Vettel to not play bumpercars (at least until the end of the season- get some Senna/Prost going).

But we've got a lot of talented young drivers right now. We're spoiled for choice. Play out the season and hope Kimi retires gracefully, if Kimi keeps driving like that.
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