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Originally Posted by zefarelly View Post
watching that video (again) granted the two minis ahead mask the gritty detail, but we know both cars are flat out in a straight line on the Lavan straight, some way before the breaking point for Woodcote.

The Cortina makes a very obvious and quite (for 120mph) acute move to it's right. just before the mini skids and veers left off track etc. Which is why I don't think its an accident. If it's a racing incident, then, in my humble opinion, its an illegal one for a non contact sport.

I had a customer visit a few weeks back, who also happens to know a few other older racers I know . . . . they all raced together with Soper in minis years ago as he was 'climbing the ladder' They all share the same opinion of him, and it's not the same as Peters!
I could give you the quote I got from John Cleland after 'that' famous BTCC incident at the end of the '92 season but I couldn't possibly do so here! I certainly couldn't use it in my race report...
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