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Suspension setup

I will be putting my car ( space-framed sports sedan ) up on corner scales soon. When you lift the car up ( air jacks ) the suspension droops however much ( I haven't measured how much yet ), then when you put the car down again ( either on the ground or scales ), the suspension isn't sitting correctly, and needs to be rolled forward / backwards to get the suspension to sit properly. When I see people / shops do corner weights, they all just seem to lift the car up and put the scales under the tyres and drop the car and start measuring and doing the alignment.

Am I overthinking it? Do I need to make some ramps the same height as the scales so I can roll the car backwards and then forwards to the scales again so the suspension sits correctly? or just lift it up and then drop it onto the scales and go?

I want to check the corner weights and wheel alignment while it's on the scales. Everything is fully adjustable ( professionally built car ).
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